Experience Meaning in Life

One of the most enjoyable days of my life was an evening that I was working on chapter “S” of my novel “My Promise.” I had completed a long process of researching a series of paintings and had discovered some remarkable patterns.

As I sat down at my desk to write the chapter, new connections began sparking in my mind and words flowed onto my laptop screen. I was so focused in the writing that time seemed to melt away and I was no longer conscious of the hours that had passed.

It took a great amount of effort preparing myself for the peak experience writing that chapter. I had to do hours of research. But I rather enjoyed the process of gathering clues. The act of creating, making connections, making my thoughts accessible to others through characters was a deeply pleasurable process, even if it required intense effort and concentration.

Understand: You will be tempted to pass your hours looking for cheap thrills on social media, by surfing the internet for a quick hit of dopamine. These superficial distractions do not bring you a sense of accomplishment because you are not using your time to make the world a better place.

To experience meaning in your life, reconnect to the things that you are natural drawn to. Spend your time developing your skills in that area, looking for ways you can create something that will help others. Developing yourself will give you a sense of accomplishment, and occasionally, you may stumble upon an experience that fills you with profound wonder and awe.

Moments of deep meaning are seldom experienced in a state of passive digestion on social media. What is one action you can incorporate into your daily routine to redirect your life towards experiencing meaning?

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