Fight Aimlessness

If you want to hit a target, you must first aim. One reason many people encounter a “midlife crisis” is that they have been living life on autopilot.

They follow the prescribed path in life, graduating from school, getting a respectable job that pays the bills and having a family. However, as time passes and they become increasingly aware of their mortality, they realize that they want more. There must be more to life…

The typical reaction is to do something disruptive, the so called “midlife crisis,” which can be either positive or negative.

You must not allow yourself to go through life on autopilot, drifting wherever the wind takes you. This is a recipe for dissatisfaction and you will likely go through a “midlife crisis” type of event.

The opposite of life on autopilot is a life of purpose. To develop a sense of purpose, begin by analysing and answering life’s most important questions. Next, identify who you are in light of the answers you have discovered. As best you can, you want to understand your desires and what makes you unique.

Next, develop a vision for your life. What do you want to have achieved before you die? Write it down on a piece of paper and review it daily. Having a strong purpose driving you will give you focus and motivation to get out of bed each day.⠀Do you have a vision for what you wan to achieve with your life?

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